In episode 4, I talk about a dear friend of mine who passed away in December 2016. DD, also known as Portland’s Hippie Chick, first introduced herself to me at a Starbucks in Beaverton, OR. Even though I was an introvert, I was usually the first person to introduce myself as I was really working hard on my people skills at the time. As we engaged in conversation, I remember wanting to disengage because I was so down on myself at the time that it was actually uncomfortable being around someone else that was so positive.

DD and I eventually became very good friends and often times I would fight back the tears on the phone as she pointed out all of the positive qualities I possess.

I will never forget her and everything she meant to me at that critical time in my life.

She made each rainy day much brighter.

The Sun came out when she spoke, and I am forever grateful.

Rest In Love D.D. – Brother Keith