As I look back on my life, I realize that the one thing that has helped me fight back against unfavorable conditions has been, stories. An internal positive story, an expectation that things would work out, a belief that a better day was coming. This belief, or internal story, is an unshakable power that nothing can conquer.

As I thought about my story, I thought of the purpose of stories. Here’s my definition:

For the purpose of letters are words, the purpose of words are stories, and the purpose of stories are to refine the soul.

The #1 Key To Success

The #1 Key To Success

In April of 2006, I finished my college basketball career and embarked on my first job as a loan officer. By the end of August, I was already searching for another job and found myself selling gym memberships for 24 Hour Fitness. I initially thought, because of my...

The #1 Way Business Coaches Lose Money

The #1 Way Business Coaches Lose Money

If you’re like most business coaches using Square, PayPal, or Stripe to accept credit cards, you are likely looking for ways to grow your business while also controlling your expenses. Accepting credit cards is one of the top 5 expenses a business coach or consulting...


The purpose of The Entrepreneur’s Ultimate Tax is to bring value to entrepreneurs in the areas of their business and life that aren’t taxes, but are “taxing” if handled without the proper planning, advising, and education needed to build a successful enterprise.

The purpose of RealTalk is to document the ideas, thoughts, trials, tribulations, and breakthroughs of inspiring people while also providing a roadmap to others that are looking for strategies to improve their life.

The purpose of The Athlete’s Journey is to help current and former athletes access the mindset, methodologies, and mentorship to help them transition into a successful life after their sports career ends so they can continue winning championships.

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