Imagine you need to catch a plane to a land where you will finally get to live your dream life.

You wake up the morning of your flight flat out fired up to finally be on your way. Your bags are packed. You have your itinerary for how you will spend the next 50 years of your life all planned out. You’ve developed all the skills necessary to earn your dream life. You’re ready. But when you get to the gate to board your flight, they inform you that in order to board the plane you all of your luggage combined must weigh less than 500 pounds. You say ‘absolutely’ let’s go! So you hand over all of your bags, and the attendant begins to put your bags on the scale before allowing you to board the flight. As each bag gets added to the scale, the less excited you become, and when the attendant is finished, you realize that all your luggage adds up to 1400 pounds! They kindly tell you to come back once your luggage weighs less than 500 pounds.  You decide to go sit down for a while to think about what to do next. You eventually decide to call all the airlines to see if they will take you on the flight to your dream life and they all confirm that the maximum luggage weight is 500 pounds. So you get creative, you call Lyft & Uber to see if they can help you get there but they tell you they can’t do it either because they can’t get you across the Atlantic. You come to the realization that you now have 2 choices, you can stay in the airport with your luggage or you can jump on that plane to your dream life with a little less luggage. Which is ultimately what you decide to do. You decide to go through all your luggage to get rid of the things that are contributing to the extra 900 pounds you need to shed and what you find is that in each of your bags is something you really don’t need.

Tune in to hear about what needs to go!

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