Keith Sconiers

Entrepreneur, Storyteller, and Catalyst.
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“The greatest gift we all have is the opportunity to be a positive impact in the lives of those we meet daily.”


As a business consultant, I help organizations reduce financial costs related to the payment card industry. I also consult on sales development strategies for business professionals.



The stories we believe frame our ideas about our potential. Through blogs, podcasts, and short stories, I help people learn the strategies they need to reach their potential.



As an at-risk youth growing up, it was the helping hand of many that helped me find ways to succeed in life. I’m passionate about being a catalyst that helps others achieve success.

What People Are Saying

"Keith Sconiers is one of the hardest working, client-focused people I have ever worked with. Although he is an amazing merchant services specialist, he would be equally adept at any business because he is conscientious, honest, and goes the extra mile whenever necessary. He truly cares about each and every client but when he's working for us, we feel like we are the only account he has."

Doug F. - Entrepreneur

"Keith has been an outstanding asset to my company. Very professional and a great pleasure to work with. He has helped me through the years to save thousands of dollars with his expertise and his very personal professionalism, I would highly recommend him."

Fernando S. - Retailer

"My experience with Keith has been great! He's open and honest about every decision and he genuinely wants to see you succeed. Keith gets just as excited to see our business grow as we do and you don't see that very often! We value Keith as a friend and adviser and he's the first person I go to when I have an important business decision to make."

Kellen M. - Entrepreneur

"My wife and I own and Auto Repair shop in Wilsonville, and I worked with Keith when he was a salesperson at a payment processing company. My experience with him was exceptional. I have had a number of salespeople from other suppliers and fields routinely call on me and both try to earn my business and/or support me. Keith stood out because of his consistent commitment to quickly solving any and all problems and his rock-solid knowledge of his product and services. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering engaging with Keith in a professional setting."

Bob B. - Entrepreneur

"I had the pleasure of working with Keith in his previous capacity as our Heartland Relationship Manager, and he consistently provided us with exceptional, superlative service & attention. Not only was he responsive to our every query, he often anticipated our questions, concerns, and needs and reached out frequently to make sure that we continued to feel that Heartland was providing us with the service and value they had promised when we signed on. I would jump at the chance to work with Keith again in any capacity, and I would enthusiastically recommend working with him to absolutely anyone who is considering doing so."

Becca P. - CFO

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